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    Q: Why choose Leap Labels? 

    A: Leap Labels offers quality labels and stickers with exclusive designs at affordable prices. Leap Labels also donates 100% of its profits to Jumpstart to give kids a sporting chance


    Q: What percentage of the sale goes to Jumpstart?

    A: 100% of profits will be donated to Jumpstart. At the end of every calendar year, we will announce the contributions that our customers have made to Jumpstart

    Q: How can I get more involved in Jumpstart?

    A: You can get more involved in Jumpstart by visiting: http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en.html

    Q: Do you do any programs for school fundraising?

    A: We are working towards creating programs for local schools in our Canadian communities. Please subscribe to emails to stay updated on our status.


    Q: Are your labels removable?

    A: All the labels are designed to be long-lasting. By picking at a corner with your nail, you will be able to peel away the label at your discretion. Iron-On labels, however, are permanent and cannot be removed.

    Q: How long will my products last for?

    A: These labels have been through vigorous testing. If you find that your label is faulty, please contact our customer service team and we’d be happy to assist you.

    Q: What is the difference between iron-on labels and stick-on labels?

    A: Iron on labels require the use of an iron and silicone sheets (provided for you in your shipment) to heat the sticker’s adhesive and attach it to a garment. This label is designed to stay on permanently and cannot be removed. Stick on labels stick to the labels of clothing on garments. Though they will come off when carefully peeled away, they will stay attached throughout various laundry cycles. Please note stick-on labels will not adhere properly to clothing fabrics.

    Q: How accurate is the preview of my labels on the website?

    A: The preview that you see online when customizing your labels is extremely accurate. There is a chance there can be small changes when the product goes to print, but we believe you will be happy with the results!

    Q: Are you able to send me a sample pack to try?

    A: We do not generally provide samples, but in a unique situation we ask that you please call our customer service team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    Q: Can I have a custom logo printed on my labels?

    A: We are happy to quote you on a custom logo design. Please call our customer service team for further assistance.


    Q: How many characters can I use for my personalization?

    A: You can use up to 20 characters, but keep in mind that the more characters you use, the smaller the text will print.

    Q: Can I split the pack into two names?

    A: Unfortunately at this time we are unable to split a pack into two names or more. However, we recommend ordering labels with the child’s last name only so that everyone in the family can share the same label package.


    Q: Can I place my order offline?

    A: We encourage you to place all orders online but if you have a specific order in large quantities please call or email our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you.

    Q: Can I change my order?

    A: If you realize you've made a mistake while placing your order or need to cancel, we ask that you call our customer service as soon as possible and they will walk you through your options. 

    Q: Will I receive an email to inform me that my order has been placed and/or shipped?

    A: Yes, you will receive emails to update you on the status of your purchase.

    Q: Do I need to set up and account to order?

    A: To easily store information and keep track of your shopping cart and order history, we highly recommend setting up a Leap Labels account. This will gives you first access to all of our amazing deals!  Orders can be placed without an account as well.

    Q: What is your return policy?

    A: All of our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your order, please contact our customer service team and we will happily assist you.

    Q: Can I return my purchase at a Canadian Tire store?

    A: Because these are customized orders, Canadian Tire stores are unable to process Leap Labels’ refunds or exchanges.


    Q: What payment methods do you accept?

    A: We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.

    Q: Can I make a payment using a Canadian Tire gift card?

    A: At this time, we do not allow Canadian Tire gift cards as a method of payment.

    Q: Where do I enter my promotional code?

    A: If you have a promotional code, please enter the code into a field marked “Discount Codes” prior to checkout. Valid codes will be accepted after clicking “Apply Coupon.”

    Q: I have forgotten my password, can I reset it?

    A: Yes, you can reset your password by clicking “forgot password” on the log in page.


    Q: How much does shipping cost?

    A: Shipping is calculated based on how quickly you want your product. On the shipping page, it will give you a number of options to choose from.


    Q: Can I pick up my order from a local Canadian Tire Store?

    A: To provide the utmost convenience to our customers, we only ship labels straight to your home/office

    Q: Why is my shipping tracking number invalid when I check my order status?

    A: Please allow up to 2 business days before checking the status of the shipping tracking number provided to you, as shipments are only picked up the day after an order is fulfilled.